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Brandon Conrad - June 20112011/06/14
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To whom it may concern,



I am writing this letter on behalf of Appletree Recruiting Agency and in particular Inhui, the agent that has provided personal and professional service throughout my time in Korea. I first became familiar with Appletree in August of 2010 after a long and exhausting search for theperfect job in Korea. Appletree immediately identified my desires, as well as my strengths and weaknesses, to find several teaching positions that fit the location, age group, and pay rate that I was seeking. Appletree then provided several valuable tips during the interview process so that I was able to highlight the skills that I can provide to the employer for whom I would be working. After a few weeks and several job offers, I found a teaching position that suited the laundry list of desires that I had outlined for Appletree.


Unfortunately, the position for which I was hired was one of great need and the school filled the position before my date of departure from the United States; this is when Appletree really began to show their experience and skill. Appletree immediately went to bat for me with the school and tried to recover the teaching position that was, unknowingly, taken away. Though they were not able to recover the position that was taken, they, within days, found another position with a reputable school in an excellent location.


Appletrees unyielding commitment and service did not and has not stopped there. Over the past nine months, Appletree has acted as a liaison and translator with the school for which I work. They have been able to fend off potential issues before they, did in fact, become issues. As my contract draws near its conclusion and my desires have changed, Appletree continues to work for me as I search for a University position. I will continue to work with and recommend Appletree to any of my friends or acquaintances that seek a professional organization that truly does have the teachers best interest in mind.




Brandon Conrad