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Seth Francis Chandler (Oct.2011)2011/10/05

Dear Prospective Teacher,

                  If you have ever considered moving to a foreign country to live, work, explore, or simply get away, teaching English in Korea is an affordable an enriching opportunity for you. Korea is committed to empowering its population with English fluency, and to achieve this goal they are bringing native English speakers to teach at schools across Korea.

                  Many recruiters exist to bring native English teachers to Korea. I worked with a few while looking for a position that fit me, but Appletree Recruiting was by far the most attentive to my needs and the most communicative. I am originally from a small town in North Carolina, and I was looking to live in a city larger than North Carolina could offer. After graduating college, most of my close friends were moving to Chicago or New York City. Both places were very appealing to me, but then one of my friends asked me if I had considered moving to Seoul and teaching English. After doing some research, I started to think this might be the best option.

                  Appletree, and specifically Rachel, with whom I had the most contact, understood that I wanted to be in a specific place, and worked hard to find me a good position in Seoul. It is difficult to see what distinguishes the many hagwons in the city from each other. Is it better to be in a big school with other native English teachers, or in a small school where the director and other Korean teachers work closely with you? Is it better to live in the center of the city or in a new, popular area on the city's edge?

                  Luckily, when Rachel found a job that she knew to be a good position because of reviews from previous native English teachers, she told me. After only two or three weeks of searching, I had an interview with a director who really seemed to take care of his teachers and to make sure that the transition to a culture on the other side of the world went as smoothly as possible. Appletree took care of everything, from laying out precisely the when and what of VISA requirements to making travel arrangements and being sure that my director was there to meet me when I arrived at my (surprisingly large) room in 화곡동.

                  In short, my experience with teaching in Korea, living in the second largest city in the world, and putting everything together through Appletree has been nothing short of charmed.


Seth Chandler