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Alyssa Hyler (09. 2012)2012/09/25
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Dear Prospective Teacher,


I’m writing this letter on behalf of Appletree Recruiting, to attest to how great of a recruiting company they are. I am currently working in South Korea right now thanks to them, and I am so happy with my job and life here abroad.


I traveled to Korea last year in January for a month-long winter camp. I had heard of the opportunity through a friend at college, and thought it would be an amazing opportunity to travel abroad and experience a different culture without being gone too long in case I got home sick. I did not go through Appletree this time however, but a website called “craigskorea” that I very much regret. Shortly after I got here, I was unable to get ahold of my recruiter, being told that she had quit and the company was closing down. The camp I worked at was very disorganized and I had no one on my side to help me or answer questions; I was lost and so frustrated. The Korean culture itself was great, but I had a terrible time with work and due to that spent my month counting the days until I went home.


After being in the States awhile again, I started contemplating the idea of returning to Korea again, this time for a year. This time though, I did my research and spent a lot of time looking at recruiters, reading reviews, and asking people’s opinions and experiences with different companies and places abroad. I finally settled on Appletree, in large part due the great reviews and professionalism on their website. After placing my resume I was almost immediately contacted. From that point on, Appletree was amazing. Sunny and Inhui listened to my requests for areas, hagwon sizes, dates, etc. They worked with me on the different interviews and respected my wishes. It is because of them that I am now at a great hagwon working with amazing, adorable kids and wonderful co-teacher’s and directors.


Even though I was more than ready to leave the States and experience something different with my life, I was nervous and a little apprehensive to return to Korea because of my last experience January 2011. Thanks to the Appletree however, my time in South Korea has been amazing and I am so happy with my decision and the work they’ve done. I wish you all the best, and hope you enjoy Appletree and South Korea as much as I do!






Alyssa Hyler