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Kelly Marie Sweeney (2013.03)2013/03/04
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Finding the best job in Korea can be challenging and it is important to choose a reliable
recruiting agency to lead you in the right direction. I feel fortunate to have worked with
Appletree Recruiting who helped me choose a job that was perfect for me.

In the beginning of my job hunt I worked with many different recruiters and recruiting
agencies. After some time, it became clear that Appletree was not only providing me
with the best job offers, but they were timely in their responses to all my emails. Before
each interview, Jane or Danbee would talk with me and give me advice so that I felt
totally prepared. Other recruiting agencies that I tried working with were not providing
me with job offers that fit my needs and they made everything very impersonal. They
also were not reliable which made me nervous about trusting them to lead me to a
reliable job.

Once I chose a job, Appletree made everything else extremely easy. They guided
me step by step to obtaining my E-2 visa. I felt comfortable asking them any question
that I had and Jane, Danbee and Inhui were incredibly helpful. Even after arriving in
Korea, Appletree was emailing me to make sure that everything had gone smoothly. I
couldn’t be happier with my job and I am grateful that I went with Appletree. To anyone
searching for a job in Korea, I strongly recommend Appletree Recruiting.

-Kelly Sweeney-