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Nicholas Bryant (03.2013)2013/03/25
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Nicholas Bryant

The opportunity to teach English abroad is a wonderful one. It should come with a recruiting company that is just as wonderful. I can happily say that this was my feelings after working with AppleTree recruiting.


When first deciding to teach abroad, I read online that getting a job in Korea was very easy. After getting all of my paperwork (background check, transcripts, etc) I reached out to many recruiting agencies and told them my requests. I wanted to work in a great city and work for a school that was trustworthy. However, I was continually offered jobs that did not match either request. I became frustrated with the lack of care that many other recruitment companies showed toward me.


As I was on the verge of accepting a position that didn't completely please me, I came across AppleTree. After a bit of research I learned that they were located in my hometown. I contacted their agency and was offered the opportunity to come in and speak directly to them. I was able to do this within 24-hours of first contact. After meeting with Inhui, I was put in contact with the rest of the AppleTree staff and they were all very kind and generous. It was within a few more days that I finally had a job offer that filled all of my hopes.


Once I accepted the position, AppleTree kept in touch with me often to make sure that I was preparing accordingly to move to another country. Whenever I had a question, they quickly responded and eased any concerns I had. After having a mixup with my luggage on my first flight, AppleTree was on the phone with my airline and my new school trying to do anything they could to help me.


After being in Korea for a few days, I was again contacted by AppleTree and arranged to meet with an employee who would take me shopping to buy sheets and other basic necessities. I couldn't be more thankful for such gracious help, especially being in a new country where the language barrier can be the biggest obstacle.


To this day, I am contacted on a regular basis by AppleTree. They make sure that my job is going well, that I am adjusting well to Korea, and they quickly lend any help that I may need. I like to believe that I have connected with AppleTree's employees on a more personal level since I have been in Korea and it is no longer just a professional relationship.


I have now been living in Korea for almost 5-months and I have loved every second of it (except for that baggage incident at first :)). I don't think that I would have had such a smooth transition without the help of AppleTree. You will read many things online about certain recruiting agencies. But my research lead me to overwhelmingly positive reviews about Inhui and AppleTree. I can verify that this is all true and this is a company that cares for the people it works with.


I would recommend AppleTree to anyone who is considering coming to South Korea to teach English. Then, pack your bags and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


- Nicholas Bryant