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Veronica Buchwald (03.14)2014/04/07
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I had a great experience working with Appletree Recruiting. Jane was very through and always responded quickly. She kept in touch even when my plans to come to Korea were delayed. Appletree made the process of finding a job in Korea a very pleasant and easy one. Most recruiters are pushy and try to pressure you into a job that isn’t a right fit. Jane had no problem with me saying no to a position and finding me a new one to look over. I choose to work with Appletree Recruiting because I heard many positive things about the company. I have some friends who had negative experiences at their jobs, but since they had Appletree as recruiters they were able to resolve their problems without much difficulty.

Even after arriving in Korea, Jane has kept in touch, wanting to make sure I’m doing ok. I would recommend Appletree to anyone who is interested in coming to Korea to teach English. I know that if I have any problems arise while I’m hear, Appletree will be there to help. Thank you, Jane and everyone at Appletree Recruiting.

-Veronica Buchwald