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Jessica Scheele(08.2014)2014/08/11

South Korea is a wonderful place to find a teaching job because they put a lot of importance on education and motivating their children to do well. Finding a job can be overwhelming; however, Appletree was incredibly helpful, kind, and patient, throughout the whole process. Their responses are prompt and efficient. They were persistent and reliable in finding the right job for me. They sent me several job options and answered any questions I had every step of the way. They gave helpful advice with the interview process and visa application, and although I messed up on my paperwork a few times before I got it right, they were very patient and understanding and always did what they could to help.

I would highly recommend Appletree Edu to anyone looking for a teaching job! They know what they are doing and care about making a good connection between teachers and schools. I have now found a great school that I think will work out very well and am very grateful to Jane at Appletree for all that she has done! Thank you Appletree!

-Jessica Scheele