Visa transfer

Visa transfer


Transfer working place from your current working place to a new working place with a new visa sponsor

E-2 visa or D-10 visa -> E-2 visa

: An applicant must apply a new E-2 visa (Extending E-2 visa & Changing working place) at immigration office within two weeks after their new contact starts

1. Prepare Required Documents:

A) Transferring E-2 visa after a current contact ends

  1. Original contract and 1 copy of the contract
  2. A copy of School Business Certification (ڵ)
  3. A copy of School Foundation ()
  4. Timetable for classes
  5. An accommodation Lease contract
  6. Original ARC card
  7. Original Passport
  8. Application
  9. Processing Fee

B) Transferring E-2 visa before a current contract ends

  1. Above the documents list from section A
  2. A release letter from a current job.
    The information could be changed, so please call #1345(Immigration Office) to make sure.
Visa procedure

2. In order to apply visa transfer, please make a reservation at an immigration office at online. (

3. Print out an Appointment Receipt to visit an immigration office.

Visa procedure