Pronumciation Guide2010/07/23
FilePronumciation Guide.pdf
ㄱ Unaspirated ‘k’ or ‘g’ sound. 가! - ka - “Go!”
ㄴ ‘n’ 나 - na - “I”
ㄷ Unaspirated ‘t’ or ‘d’ sound. 다 -  ta - “all”
ㄹ ‘r’ or ‘l’ sound. 라디오 - ra-di-o - “radio”
ㅁ ‘m’ 마음 - ma-- m - “mind”
ㅂ ‘b’ 반 - ban - “half”
ㅅ ‘s’; ‘sh’ when followed by the ‘ee’ sound. 산 - san - “mountain”
시 - shi - “poem”
ㅇ ‘ng’ when at the end of a character. 잉어 - ing-- - “carp”
영어 - y-ng-- - “English”
ㅈ ‘j’ 자 - ja - ruler
ㅊ Strongly aspirated ‘ch’ sound. 차 - ch’a - “car”
ㅋ Strongly aspirated ‘k’ sound. 카페 - k’a-pe - “cafe”
ㅌ Strongly aspirated ‘t’ sound. 탐배 - t’am-bae - “cigarette”
ㅍ Strongly aspirated ‘p’ sound. 패 - p’ae - “medal”
ㅎ ‘h’ 해 - hae - “sun”
ㄲ Forticized ‘k.’ 까치 - kka-ch'i - “magpie”
ㄸ Forticized ‘d.’ 딸 - ddal - “daughter”
ㅃ Forticized ‘b.’ 빨리 - bbal-li - “quickly”
ㅆ Forticized ‘s.’ 쌀 - ssal - “uncooked rice”
ㅉ Forticized ‘j.’ 짝 - jjak - “companion”
아 Like the ‘a’ in father. 아가 - a-ga - “baby”
어 Like the British ‘augh’ in caught. 더 - t- - “more”
이 Like the ‘ee’ in tree. 피 - p’i - “blood”
오 Like the ‘o’ in ‘oh’ but more rounded. 오 - o - “five”
우 Like the ‘oo’ in boot, but more rounded. 구 - ku - “nine”
으 Like the ‘u’ in put. 그 - k- - “that”
애 Like the ‘ay’ in hay. 배 - bae - “boat”
에 Like the ‘ay’ in hay. 제 - che - “my”
와 Like the ‘wa’ in wand. 봐! - bwa - “look”
워 Like the ‘wha’ in what. 뭐- - mw- - “what-”
위 Like the English “we.” 위 - wi - above
웨 Like English “way.” 궤도 - kwe-do - “orbit”
왜 Like English “way.” 왜 - wae - “why”
외 Like English “way.” 죄 - choe - “sin”
의 Like the ‘u’ in put followed by the ‘ee’ in tee. 의 - -i - “righteousness”
야 Like the ‘ya’ sound in yacht. 야구 - ya-ku - “baseball”
여 Similar to the ‘you’ in young. 엿 - y-t - “taffy”
요 Like the ‘yo’ in yo-yo. 요 - yo - “bedspread”
유 Like the English “you.” 우유 - u-yu - “milk”
얘 Like the English “yay.” 얘기 - yae-gi - “story”
예 Like the English “yay.” 예 - ye - “yes”