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Meten English

Meten English, also known as Meten Education Group was founded in 2006 and is the leading language training institute for adult students learning English, with domestic headquarters in Beijing and Shenzhen as well as 24 other major cities in China and offices in New York and Los Angeles. We provide various rograms including Meten general English, Meten Standardized Test Preparations, Meten Overseas Services, Meten Preparatory Academy (G7 ??12) and Meten VIP nline. Appletree is an official partner of Meten Education Group. Meten has over 100 learning centers in 26 cities across China.

Meten aims to bring together global resources to empower more Chinese learners with English skills so that their international education goals are met and more Chinese dreams are fulfilled.
Meten now staffs a team of over 3000 professionals in ESL teaching, education research and development, marketing and utoring services.

If you are looking for a chance to teach communicative English to motivated adult students in one of China?셲 major cities where every day at work will bring exciting challenging then we have just the job for you


27 different cities all over China including cities such as Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xi?셙n, and Nanjing

Meten centres are located in downtown business districts and shopping mall are equipped with modern facilities like computer banks, coffee bars, cinemasand provide lounge areas for students and teachers to catch up and relax between classes. Starting in the afternoon means no more morning commute and days off during the week mean you no longer have to battle those weekend crowds.

Type of Classes

Private Class

Courses at Meten English are based on our unique Experimental Learning System which measures students??requirements to formulate courses to meet their requirements.
Teaching is student centered as focuses on developing English skills through thoughtful and meaningful learning tasks in a relaxed and fun environment.
The Private Class focuses on providing more individual speaking practice to ensure the learners master spoken language.
Maximum 4-5 students.

Activity Class

The Activity Course is a METEN English class that primarily focuses on providing learners with tasks that gets students interested in the topic and challenge their language abilities.
The Activity Course has a maximum of 10 students, which allows for an engaging interaction between students. Meten strongly believe when course material and teaching style is fun the learning process will be more effective and engaging.
Course materials are filled with fun and interesting lesson topics that relate to students??daily lives.

VIP Class

The VIP Class allows a student to exclusively have an ESL Teacher in a 1 on 1 class.
This ensure a distraction free environment and allows the eacher to focus on delivering content tailored to the needs of the student and to address his / her specific learning requirements while also catering to his / her unique learning style and preferences.
Topics can be flexible and based on the needs of the student

Job Descriptions

* 25 working hours per week.

* 2 days off every week, usually on weekdays.

* Two types of shift work:

  • - Morning shift: 9/10 AM ??5/6 PM
  • - Evening shift: 1/2 PM ??9/10PM

Salary & Compensation Packages

  • Competitive salary between 13000-17000rmb depending on qualification
  • Housing allowance 2000-3000rmb/month depending on qualification
  • Quarterly performance bonus of 2500rmb depending on performance
  • Flight allowance up to 8000rmb
  • Contract renew bonus of 3000-6000rmb
  • Open class bonus of 200rmb per new student
  • 11days Chinese National holidays+10 days of annual leave +1 day Christmas off
  • 7 days paid hotel accommodation upon arrival
  • Health and Accidental Insurance
  • Support finding an accommodation
  • Free mandarin lesson
  • On-going training and professional development
  • Career development opportunities in teaching, course development, regional trainer
  • Full Support in making the transition to China


  • ·Holder of the Bachelor Degree or above (notarized by notary office then Authenticated by Chinese consulate in your county );
  • ·2 years related Major (Math, Science, History, Physics, Art, Music, Etc.) Or Subject teaching experience with reference letter provided
  • ·18-50 years old;
  • ·Cooperative and positive attitude;
  • ·Respects the teaching profession and understands children?셲 educational needs
  • ·Start teaching with Z work visa.
  • ·Clean background check record
    (issued date should be within 6 months)