Copy of Resume

As with any job search, please have a current resume or curriculum vitae on hand even if you're fresh out of college and have limited work experience, it's okay! You can include any tutoring, extracurricular or volunteer activities that you think are relevant to a job teaching English in Korea(If you have any questions about what is appropriate to include, APPLETREE EDU can help; just send us an e-mail at or give us a call!)

Apostilled and Notarized Copy of Original University Diploma

Get a copy of the Diploma and have it notarized (by notary office or lawyer) and then attach Apostille (just like Criminal Background) because you also have to submit the Original University Diploma when visiting Korean Consulate for finally getting E-2 VISA stamp on your passport again, please mail the notarized Diploma copy with Apostille to APPLETREE EDU and bring the original one when you are visiting Korean Consulate for final interview

Tip :
You are advised to process Criminal Background Check and copied Diploma at the same time in notarizing and attaching Apostille if you skip one, you have to repeat this process twice, which is annoying

A Copy of Your Passport Photo I.D Page

You must have a passport that will not expire for at least six months Also, please be sure to leave one page blank for the work visa, itwill take up one full page of your passport If your passport doesn't have enough pages, it is possible to submit your passport to your local passport issuing authority to apply for additional pages

Criminal Background Check with Apostille

What's Criminal Background Check?

A Criminal Background Check is a record of a person's criminal history required by the Korean Immigration.It is to assess one's moral standing and trustworthiness The information included in a criminal record varies between states/cities In most cases it lists all non-expunged criminal offenses and may also include traffic offenses such as speeding and drunk-driving

If you are an American,
a State Level Criminal Background Check must be submitted until Dec. 31st, 2010From Jan. 1st, 2011 on, FBI level Criminal Background Check must be submitted No State level is acceptable from 2011

The Criminal Background Check must be issued within the last 6 months
How long it will take does vary depending on which state you are in
The shortest is 2~3 days but the longest could be longer than 3 weeks
So please start to get Criminal Background first out of all the requested documents. This takes longest period of time

What is 'APOSTILLE'?

An Apostille is an international notary that authenticates a document for whatever purpose it may serveIt authenticates or legalizes a document in order to be recognized valid in a foreign countryA document is apostillized for reasons like travelling or working abroadThe Criminal Background Check is required to be Apostillized according to the Korean immigration Apostille Centers are found mostly in the Office of the Secretary of State, each state has one It costs from $5-$20 depending what state. Below is the list of Apostille Centers all over the US:Apostille will be a separate sheet of paper attached to the Criminal background Check saying that it has been apostillized
Apostille Centers are found in the State Capital

For Apostille centers across the world :

Applicants need to get Criminal Background Check, have it notarized by notary office or lawyer and then get an APOSTILLE
Summary : Steps to get Criminal Background & Apostille

  1. 1st : Getting Criminal Background Check
  2. 2nd : Having Criminal Background notarized by notary office or lawyer
  3. 3rd : Getting Apostille at Apostille Center

5 Passport-sized photos

(You will need to have 5 passport sized color photos-5photos should be mailed to the Appletree edu and 1 should be kept by you for the final interview at Korean Consulate.)

Health Statement Form

Hereunder is a sample of the Health Statement Form you are asked to fill out by yourself. It's a good idea to make a photocopy of the completed form to keep for your own reference Please download this document at the Document Download icon on main page of this web site.[Health check form download]PDF

Signed Contract

You've received an offer and accepted it? Congratulations!
The school will send Appletree Edu the contract to forward to you to sign and return as part of the visa application processAppletree Edu will help you understand the terms of the contract in full and answer any questions you have before signingAfter you finally decide the school to work with, You will be asked to sign this contract and have the firstand last page with your signature scanned and e-mailed back to the Appletree Edu

--Now, you are done with document preparation!!!--