E-2 Visa process

E-2 Visa process


A) Gather Document

Most teachers offered jobs and contracts from schools, will need to apply for an E-2 visa to teach English at a school for one year in Korea. To expedite the visa application process, please have the materials listed below prepared as soon as possible

  • PDF
  • about CBC

B) Send Document

We highly recommend you begin collecting the necessary documents earlier rather than later, as it can take time to have everything in order. Once you accept an offer, the following process takes place. (approximately 2-4weeks)

  • Copy of your resume
  • Apostilled and Notarized Copy of Original University Diploma
  • Completed health statement PDF
  • Criminal background check with apostille seal about CBC
  • Valid passport with at least one blank page for the work visa
  • 5 Passport sized photos
  • Photocopy of your passport information page
  • 2 Copies of the signed contract


  • - Passport, Diploma, Criminal Background Check MUST have the exact same name
  • - Passport must not expire within 6 months
  • - Please use DHL, FedEx, UPS ONLY (make sure to send it by a secure courier company)
  • - Please email us the tracking number for your FedEx/ DHL/UPS package

C) Sending Documents to Korean Consulates

Once you receive the Visa Issuance Number or Letter, you will then need to submit the following to the Korean consulate by mail or in person:

  • Your Passport
  • Visa Issuance Number or Letter
  • Completed Visa Application Form PDF
  • One Passport Size Photos
  • Completed health statement PDF
  • Visa Application Fee (May Vary)
If you are to mail the passport and the certificate to the Korean Consulate, please call and verify their address, find out exact fee involved, and ask them when you can expect your passport back. You'll need to include a check or money order for the exact amount of the fee plus a Self addressed Stamped Envelop (SASE). If you do not include the SASE the Consulate will NOT send your documents back to you


Please make sure to inform us of the expected date/time to receive your stamped visa from the Korean Consulate. You should keep the full name and number of the representative in charge of your case at the Korean Consulate and ask for the expected return of your visa stamped passport. Based on this information, we will be able to arrange your travel without complications

D) Flight Process

Appletree Edu will arrange your flight ticket for you*

  • Teachers contact Korean Consulate after getting pin number to check the guaranteed visa receiving date
  • Appletree Edu helps to book a flight ticket according to a teacher's arrival date and a school's schedule
  • Appletree Edu sends an itinerary to a teacher to confirms the name in full as in a passport and the name or a code of departure airport
  • After purchase, Appletree Edu sends an E-ticket to the teacher and school
  • Appletree Edu helps to set up a pickup service
  • The teacher prints out the E-ticket and brings it to the airport
--Please set your alarm clock!!--

E) After Arriving

  • Arriving in Korea
  • Medical check up in Korean hospital
  • Alien registration and getting alien registration No
  • Opening a bank account and cellular phone service
  • Become a great teacher !!!!