Coming to China is not easy. On this page, we’ve broken down our entire hiring process; from when you first land on our home page to start working at your school. Appletree will be there to guide you through the entire process to ensure the smoothest transition possible and to make sure you are prepared for your year abroad. If you have any troubles during your recruitment process, feel free to email us at

Step 1


Applicants submit the Appletree Edu application form

Apply Now

Step 2(1-2 weeks)


Call with Appletree Recruiter When a time has been confirmed, the screen call will be done on either WeChat or Skype. In this call, the Appletree interviewer will ask you a few questions and give you more details about our positions.

Interview Tip

Step 3(1-2 months)

Preparing for China

Begin Visa Preparations After you have accepted our offer and sent the signed contract, your recruiter will send our official visa guide and support documents to get started. We will guide you through the visa process from start to finish, from getting your background check to your Z visa application.

documents for Z-visa

Step 4(4-7 days)


Airport pickup and hotel
If you happen to land in Hong Kong,
someone from the school staffs will be there for
pick you up at the border of China